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Famous Gaelic Football Clubs

Are you lads talking about Gaelic football betting odds again? Want to try but you don’t know anything about it? You just found the right article, in the right place, right on time. Get ready to learn more about this sport and all the betting thing behind it; from the Gaelic football basics, to the online gambling business.

What Gaelic football is?

First of all, you need to learn the basic; Gaelic football or PeilGhaelach(in Irish) is a team sport, the most popular in Ireland and pretty known globally for those how like to bet, is played by two teams of 15 members, the particularity of this sport is that the ball can be carry in the players’ hands, so the players go through the court kicking or throwing the ball. The team that marks more points.Gaelic football clubs

Now that you know more about Gaelic football you might want to go to your online casino, go for a Gaelic football betting odd and win some money, but which team are you betting for? The Gaelic Athletic Association county has a total of 32 Gaelic teams, some of them are:

  • Dublin GGA: - The most accepted by the audience team.
  • Mayo GGA: - Is known for be a team that reaches the finals but is beaten down in the last instance.
  • Kerry GGA: - The team at the top of the All-Ireland winners list.
  • Donegal GGA: - It is said to be one of the teams with greater power on Gaelic football
  • Roscommon GGA: - this team have won 23 times the Connacht Senior Football Championship.

There are also some overseas teams from Argentina, Spain, Japan, Canada, and so on.

Major competitions

There are three major competitions every year that you can watch from home while you get on an online betting odd. The National Football League, a national competition where the Gaelic Athletic association county teams compete for a title; The All-Ireland, a championship played by all Ireland’s teams; and, The Senior All-Ireland, an elimination championship, this one is the most famous around the world and the one that represents a best shot for betting online.

Why is Gaelic Football betting odds?

Gaelic football is most known for the betting odds around its events.The gambling business is pretty big and now with technology, online gambling is big too. Online gambling is easier and better for gamblers who rather watch the games on their couches and for those who can’t go and make a bet. It’s as simple as going to our online casino website and making a bet for you selected team. So don’t you miss the opportunity to win with your favoriteteam.When you finally decide to make your bet, you have to go to the online casino, or online gambling web and search for the team you want to bet for. We advise you to do research, read about expert’s predictions, talk with other gamblers and then you make your choice. You should be sure about your decision, you make your bet and then enjoy the game. And remember be winner just like your team is.